Melissa Odabash Iphone 6 Plus Cases

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Melissa Odabash Iphone6 Case
goo.ey is a hands free case that sticks to mirror and glass. The goo.ey case does not feel sticky. The goo.ey case frees your hands to:
? Take selfies ? Chat on Facetime or Skype ? Make videos

How does goo.ey work? goo.ey works by suction. When a goo.ey case is pressed firmly on to a flat surface, the air between them is pushed out, creating a vacuum. The goo.ey case will grip very strongly to suitable surfaces at room temperature.

What is goo.ey made of?goo.ey is made of an enhanced epoxy, which feels smooth to touch and not sticky. What are suitable surfaces for goo.ey? goo.ey grips to flat, glossy surfaces such as mirror, glass and acrylic. Customers also report that it works well on other flat surfaces like marble and metal. However, please take care by testing first to ensure it holds firmly. You always use goo.ey at your own risk. The surface must be: FLAT, DRY, CLEAN, SMOOTH, EVEN (NEVER use goo.ey on rough, bumpy, uneven, cracked or curved surfaces).